SafariPark 2000 miles below the sea
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2000 miles below the sea

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Concept Under sea world. Blue colors
Entertainment Jazz band
Decoration The room is decorated with blue/UV lights. White silk material is fitted on the ceiling which turns blue when the blue lights of the room are switched on. The walls are painted with various pictures reflecting under sea life. Show cases are constructed around the room. Inside the show cases a display of cowrie shells, sea artifacts create a good impression of the under water.
White/blue ultra violet lights are fitted under the tables. The effect of blue and white colours in the evening is very darling and leaves behind a great and memorable experience.
Dress Code Staff: A specially designed uniform for the occasion.
Guests: encouraged to dress formal.
Menu A six course set menu is served, with plenty of sea food.
Preferred venues Bougainville / Ivory Lounge
Pax 80 – 150 guests


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