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Venue Proposed Kigwa waterfalls and surrounding terraces
Theme The idea of the evening is to give the guests an insight to the food, people and culture of Kenya (staff will be dressed in a variety of uniforms to match the cultural side of the event. Guests should be encouraged to dress in African attire, which will add to the atmosphere of the evening)
Set up Tables of 8-10 pax will be arranged around the tree on the upper terrace (Bordering on the Chinese ponds) and the lower terraces towards the Kigwa pool. Additional seating will be availed on the paved area besides the waterfalls (seating will be arranged in such a way that everybody will have a clear view of the area to be used for the entertainment). The tables will be adorned with tropical fruits, floating candles and incense. Chairs will be covered with a combination of animal print and black seat covers.
Menu (The idea of the evening is a relaxed dinner in natural surroundings, where the guests are encouraged to intermingle and visit the food stations as often as they like). The menu will incorporate the culinary influences from the following countries; Asia, Africa, Europe, America, China, Italy etc.
Entertainment The guests will be greeted on arrival by a traditional dance troupe and African drummers who will perform for +/- 30 Minutes
(The entertainment will be performed on and around the stage that will be by the plunge pool of the waterfalls) A live band will play a variety of music from a stage to be fixed on top of the Waterfalls.
At approximately 10.00 P.M. The Safari Cats will perform a choreographed show incorporating Indian, European and traditional dance numbers. Dancing to live music, and thereafter visit our In-house Discotheque/Piano Bar or Casinos.



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