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Corporate social responsibility and the embracement of the ethics of eco-friendly tourism

Corporate social responsibility and the embracement of the ethics of eco-friendly tourism

As a corporate member of Ecotourism Kenya, we are committed to upholding the global responsibilities of Ecotourism, which are dedicated towards ensuring responsible travel, the conservation of areas of outstanding natural beauty, and the preservation of the cultural heritage and quality of life of the local community. We are also proud to play our part in ensuring that the new priorities of the global tourist are met, by ensuring that we

  • Contribute towards the preservation of the landscape
  • Enhance our environment
  • Preserve and sustain local culture
  • Enrich the local community by sharing both the benefits of tourism and the responsibilities of community life

As part of this commitment, we believe in the use of eco-friendly architecture, building and design; the use of local materials, skills and labour wherever possible, and the promotion of traditional arts and crafts.

Some of the ways in which these principles have been translated into our CSR policy are as follows:

  • We work closely with the institutions that surround us – we provide educational materials, food stuffs, desks and other supporting materials.
  • Our grounds are a haven for indigenous birds. The hotel boasts a bird species count of 25, which is remarkable in such a relatively small area. Species include; Streaky seed-eaters, White-bellied and Schalow turacos; giant, pied and malachite kingfishers; Eurasian Bee-eaters; woodpeckers; larks; crows; sparrows; robins; fly-catchers; white-crowned shrikes, Hunters’ sunbirds, weavers, crowned plovers, sand pipers, ring-necked and laughing doves, speckled pigeons and sacred and Hadada ibis. The ponds and streams attract; ducks, spoonbills, heron, Jacanas, painted snipe and cormorants.
  • Our extensive grounds are host to 82 species of indigenous trees and shrubs including: Croton megalocarpus, Acacia kirkii, Markhamia lutea, Rhus natalensis, spathodea nilotica, Sterculia acerifolia, Schizolobium parahybum, Cassia spectabilis, Albizia amara, Acacia xanthophloea, Acokanthera appositifolia, Acokathera schimperi, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Euphorbia candelabia, Peltophorum spp. and Erythrina Abyssinia.
  • Our famous cabaret troupe, The Safari Cats, wear Kenyan designed and made costumes which reflect the cultural heritage of the nation. They also perform a number of culturally-inspired dances. They also promote Kenyan cultural heritage world wide by staging performances worldwide.


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