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The Safari Park Hotel is the top all in one entertainment spot in Nairobi. It's a combination of a pub, discotheque, karaoke, live entertainment and Casino all within the hotel premises.

The famous Safari Cats dancers and Acrobats are unrivalled for their breath-taking 45 minutes live performance at the Nyama Choma Ranch,
African Restaurant, while the live band just sets the mood for a party. If you have a passion for disco dancing, the Cats Club Discotheque is a great place to hang out and rock the night away. The Piano bar provides a cosy place to cool down with Karaoke or catch up with your favorite sports game on big screen. For a refreshing ambiance or a cuddle by the bonfire with your loved ones, take advantage of our outdoor bar at the Palm garden. In case you are feeling lucky, the Paradise casino is the popular place for winners.

The luxurious entertainment joints offer a variety of delicious biting and lots of meat, served by great waiters and waitresses. Our Beverage Manager has prepared out of this world cocktails and has a sufficient stock of a variety of drinks. It is the hottest entertainment hotel and spot with great food, drinks, music, people and fun!


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