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Safari Cats Dancers Acrobats

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Rare, wild, exotic, captivating, hybrid dance, Nairobi’s outstanding cabaret show are among the expressions used ...

when describing the Safari Cats Dancers and Acrobats. It is a kaleidoscope of colour, acrobatics and raw excitement.

The fabulous Safari Cats Dancers and Acrobats is a team of professionally trained and choreographed dancers who perform nightly at the Nyama Choma Ranch ( 9.00 p.m. to 9.45 p.m. ) offering live and dynamic performance, a colourful fusion of African cultural and classic dance featuring some spectacular acrobatics and drumming

The Safari Cats dancing troupe was founded in 1992, the show was originally directed by the famous choreographer, Sir Francis Demateau and Emma Carter and is constantly refreshed and updated by our resident choreographer and costume designer; and each new incarnation of music, dance and costume is especially adapted to reflect the changing moods of the season.

The music and dance is uniquely themed; Fever dance features a goddess of love from the Egyptian Kingdom who ruled with great power and men were all slaves, Baganda a traditional woman dance emphasizing lets love ourselves and appreciate our beauty, Safari Kenya is a Kenyan nationality unity dance, the dancers are dressed in the Kenyan national flag to show the gracefulness of the country Kenya, it welcomes the audience to Kenya and last but not least is the Finale, a celebration dance after hard work, the dancers rejoice in music after attaining their goals. Every show is amazing!

The Safari Cats dancers and acrobats not only perform in the hotel but are on demand and have traveled to many parts of the World due to their unique show, they are appreciated wherever they go.
For your launch or that special event the Safari Cats dancers and acrobats will be honoured to grace your event and indeed your guests will be impressed by the great entertainment.

They are a must watch and you can only catch up with them at the Nyama Choma Ranch, African Restaurant, dine and enjoy the Safari Cats Dancers and Acrobats.


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