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Wedding Venues

With 50 acres of rolling parkland, sparkling water gardens, tumbling waterfalls and a choice of wedding venues ranging from glittering ballrooms to open air simplicity, we will simply make sure you have an amazing range to choose from for your very special day.

Evening Party

Evening Party
(Maximum 25 guests)

Includes the following wedding services:

  • Whole roast, boiled or fried goat with salad and accompaniments.
  • 10% discount on beverages.
  • Venue availed with compliments of the hotel.
  • One Soda or Water per person (25 pax).
  • Entertainment to be availed at a fee.
  • Free background music.


  • Complimentary red carpet, podium & P.A system
  • Complimentary banquet chairs
  • Venue availed at a fee


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